WebClient Manual

WebClient Manual

Here you can find the articles of the CM WebClient user manual, just click on the name and it will take you directly to the article.
  1. Introduction

  2. Installation Requirements

  3. Plex Model Configuration

  4. Overview of Workspace Setup

  5. Calling WebClient from an External Application

  6. Configuring Session Timeout in Apache Tomcat

  7. Upgrading CM WebClient v1.6.x to CM WebClient 1.8.x

  8. Setting National Language Dynamically At Runtime

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    • Manual Steps

      The following documents describe the manual steps that must occur in the CA Plex model after an automated CM M3 migration
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      Welcome to CM evolveIT         User Training Manual                                                             Restrictive Rights This document and the product referenced in it are subject to the terms and conditions of the user License Agreement ...
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    • Using OBASE with WebClient

      For OBASE, a good start is to import the attached file (WebClientOBASESupport) into the model (Tools->Import->XML Import).  Attached files description: WebClientOBASEOnly: It's for when the Plex model only uses OBASE. WebClientOBASESupport: It's when ...
    • Customizing in CM WebClient

      Attach point A template for a given screen can be generated from more than one template by using attach points. The templates are arranged in order from root to leaf. An attach point is a location defined in a template that other templates further ...