Upgrading CM WebClient v1.6.x to CM WebClient v1.8.x

Upgrading CM WebClient v1.6.x to CM WebClient v1.8.x

  1. Download com.adcaustin.webclient.WebClientPlugin-1.8.jar.
  2. Close your eclipse application. Delete the old version of your WebClient Plugin
    Builder from eclipse/plugin folder and copy the new one that folder.
  3. To check whether the Plugin Builder is installed properly.
    Help → About Eclipse → Click on Installation Details → Sort Plug-in Id column in ascending order

  4. Download WebClient-1.8.zip. Do not need to extract.
  5. Open your workspace with Eclipse.
  6. Close WebClient project in your workspace.
  7. Delete WebClient project from your workspace and directory.
  8. Import WebClient 1.8.0.
    File → Import → select Existing Projects into Workspace → Select archive file and browse to the directory where you save your download.
  9. Click Finish.

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