How Request a Webclient License?

How Request a Webclient License?

1 - Select the green “Submit a Request” button

2 - Fill in the details of your request. Some of these fields may not apply to your request. At the very least, fill in all the required fields. If there is a non-required field and you’re not sure what to input or if it even applies to your request, leave it blank. If we determine we any of that information from you, we will let you know.

  • Your email address (required)

  • The product for which you are requesting support. (required)

  • The version of the aforementioned product. (required)

  • The subject line of your request (required).  - If you are requesting  an ISV server license add "ISV" as part of the subject 

  • The details of your request, please include the Generator ID (developer) or the MAchine ID (server). (required), here you can find out how to get the Generator ID or the Machine ID

  • The type of request you are making. (required)

  • check the Request License box.

  • What is the priority of your request? (required)

3  - Submit your request.

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