Download CM WebClient 1.8.8

Download CM WebClient 1.8.8

This article contains information on the latest public release of CM WebClient, updated 08/03/2023.

WebClient 1.8 group model(WEBCLI60) and advanced control group model(WebClientControls6.0) are available for Plex 6.0 or greater. If prompted to upgrade, please upgrade the group model to your Plex version.

CMWebClient1.8.8.exe is intended to be used as a test drive with no extensive development.

For more information on how to upgrade WebClient, please visit Upgrading WebClient

Click here to download CM WebClient 1.8.8
CMWebClient plugin: com.cmfirstgroup.webclient.WebClientPlugin-1.8.8.jar
CMWebClient for Tomcat 9 or below:
CMWebClient for Tomcat 10 only:

CMWebClient 1.8.8 Release Notes
1. Prevent NullPointerException when mac address is null
2. Fix set cell alignment in FlexGrid
3. Fix grid scrolling issue using NoLoadGrid property
4. Add Plex physical event for WebSpinEdit control
5. Fix issue with deselecting all values from listbox
6. Fix issue with filter cell visibility when using Set State statement
7. Add WebClient CSharp backend support
8. Fix set state statement for button and checkbox controls when FixedPositioning property is active
9. Fix tab control position when it is displayed in a popup window
10. Fix text color setting being overwritten when state is changed on combobox
11. Add support for getDBMgr().startCommitControl(fnc)
12. Upgrade servlet-api.jar to Tomcat 9 version
13. Fix WebClient control issues related to FixedPositioning property
14. Add Define.MinimumPanelRes
15. Fix issue with double fetching on grid when page size is less than 64 records
16. Fix URL issue when it is redirected to the URL defined in WSACTION property
17. Add checking if websess is null
18. Add property of hide menu bar
19. Add WebHTMLGrid.ctrl to enable custom HTML grid cells
20. Fix numeric formatting issue for Italian locale
21. Fix function keys not working in cell editor on single click focus
22. Fix sorting combobox options based on name
23. Fix combobox drop-down not opened on the right coordinates on the screen
24. Fix filter in grid control moves when focusing on a filter field that is not fully displayed
25. Fix editable grid not receiving initial focus when the panel is loaded
26. Fix to populate the entry row on selection when using the EntryGrid feature
27. Fix catch concurrent modification exception
28. Add support for JSReport
29. Add Define.DisablePopupFixedPositioning
30. Add custom classes on field hovering
31. General FixedPositioning enhancement
32. Fix for not getting the correct localstorage request
33. Fire EndSessionEvent by creating a logical event in Plex named EndSession when the browser is closed
34. Use the correct TAB container if the grid control is inside a TAB control
35. Avoid executing textSizeChanged event if the Grid control is not visible
36. Fix only set date field to blank if their original value is different than blank
37. Support for Tomcat 10 and Java 17
38. Fix variable name to avoid problems when displaying enquiry messages in Dutch language
39. Fix validate if toolbar button should display a Fly over hint text 
40. Remove Internet Explorer support

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