CM evolveIT ETL - Workspace Creation Wizard

CM evolveIT ETL - Workspace Creation Wizard

1. Open Workspace Creation wizard

2. Workspace Name and Product Mode

By clicking on "Create a new Workspace" button, it should be shown a dialog.

Enter name (1) and select a Product Mode(2), then move to the next step (3)

3. List Project Models

Each workspace is able to contains multiple project models.
By default, when initial a new workspace, the list of project models (2) should be empty.
To create a new project model, clicks on New button (1).

Back: Back to previous step (3)
Next: Move to next step (4)

4. Review & Save

After finish creating a list of project models.
This view should be shown when we move to the next step.
It show the information of workspace and list of project models

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