Using OBASE with WebClient

Using OBASE with WebClient

For OBASE, a good start is to import the attached file (WebClientOBASESupport) into the model (Tools->Import->XML Import). 
Attached files description:
  1. WebClientOBASEOnly: It's for when the Plex model only uses OBASE.
  2. WebClientOBASESupport: It's when the Plex model uses OBASE and Fundations.
This imports a WebClient function with several functions scoped to it:

Functions should inherit from WebClient.OBASEWebShell or WebClient.OBASEPopupShell (root and message page templates), and should call WebClient.MetaInitialization in the “Pre Point 0 Description” collection point. 

For a particular function, look at the inheritance path to see where you can apply these.  Usually customers set up their own standards layer to inherit from the OBASE entities, e.g. Std Business Entity ENT is a ENT OBASE/Business entity, so for this example you would add the inheritance and MetaInitialization to each function under “StdBusinessEntity.Standard functions”  (except the Print functions).  Business Entity is usually inherited by most entities, but you may find some exceptions – in which case you’ll need to find the appropriate function in the inheritance path to apply the WebClient inheritance.

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