Use CM evolveIT to Solve Bottlenecks in Your COBOL Programs

Use CM evolveIT to Solve Bottlenecks in Your COBOL Programs

Here is an easy but powerful way to use CM evolveIT to identify potential bottlenecks in your COBOL system using a simple regular expression search.  Multi-level looping structures are an instance where performance issues might be found.  Identifying these can be difficult since a traditional mainframe scan doesn’t allow finding text on separate lines in the source.


In CM evolveIT, it is possible to use the Text Search tool along with a Multi-line search to find this kind of code construct.


Use the screen shot below to see how to set up this kind of search by using the multi-line search option, searching Original Source and programs only, with a simple regular expression: 


perform varying.*perform.*until”.


Try the search and let us know what you find as opportunities for improvement in your system.


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