CM MatchPoint Upgrade Guide

CM MatchPoint Upgrade Guide

Important: Before you start the installation, make a copy of the MatchPoint server libraries MPDTA, MPPGM, MPLNGEN, MPCOM.

Upgrade Guide CM MatchPoint 6.1 to 6.5


1. INI-Settings

With the Release 6.5 we are distributing new INI-Files for CM MatchPoint.
To keep the connection parameter,
  •  Copy only the remote section of the existing INI-files ot the new INI-file, set TCPIP Dialog=1
  •  Copy all the remote sections for additional IBM i Servers to the INI-File (Section name = Server Name) (Alternatively, you can press 'Update INI' from the 'Edit Environment'-Panel

2. Dispatcher Start Program

This new version uses JAVA Dispatcher, for AS400 task if you have a customized start program for the dispatcher in your MPCOM library, copy this program/command from the backup (created by the installation process) to the new MPCOM library

3. User Defined Processes (Server)

IF you have customized Server processes, which are stored in the MPPGM library, copy these programs from the backup (created by the installation process) to the new MPPGM library (including the Source Files!)

4. MatchPoint Data

There is no new data to enter after the upgrade. The existing data will be migrated from AS400 to SQL server after the installation.
Please refer to the 'What's New'-Document to check for new control parameters that can be used in Version 6.5
Your existing MatchPoint data will be migrated to the new release.
But before you start the installation, manually make a copy of the MatchPoint server libraries MPDTA, MPPGM, MPLNGEN, MPCOM

Upgrade from older Versions

Release 6.5 can only be upgraded from release 6.1, for older version please upgrade to 6.1 and then upgrade to 6.5

Upgrade from 5.0/5.1

Enter master data:
  •  Fiscal Year (only for time sheets and billing)
  •  Potential type (only for Product module)
  •  Company type - Assign company type to companies
If Billing is in use: update the fiscal year on Billing Header; OMPBIH
Enter new Control Parameter: "Folder for company documents" to store documents for the companies managed with MatchPoint.
Assign Company Types to Companies - Former customer data table has been renamed to companies and has now a company type

Upgrade from 4.8/4.9

to update the user table, the following SQL must be run:
update mpdta/ompper set mp4pra = 'I'    (I = capital i which stands for Inhouse)

Upgrade from 4.7

Request Date on change Request
  •  Initialize this new field on Change Request after migration the data.
  •  update mpdta/ompcre  set mp49pa = '01.01.0001'

Upgrade from 4.5

Plex Import Parameters
  •   New field 'Import to Product'. Set this to 'MatchPoint'

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