Patch Build to CM WebClient 1.8.8

Patch Build to CM WebClient 1.8.8

New Patch Build Version:

Date 07/19/2024    WebClient-1.8.9-pre13491

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Stable Release  CM WebClient 1.8.8

WebClient Mobile Updates

To see the latest updates of WebClient Mobile, please visit:  WebClient Mobile repository .

Patch Build Release Notes

Fixes in the new Patch Build Version:

  1. Fixed the focus problem when adding a multiline textarea to a popup

Previous Fixes included in the Patch Build

  1. Keycode "Enter" and multiline bug fixed (08/14/23 - 13412)
  2. Problem with size grid fixed (08/18/23 - 13414)
  3. Parent style problem fixed (08/24/23 - 13418)
  4. Save web edit problem fixed (08/24/23 - 13416)
  5. Upgrade log4j 1.2.16 to log4j-1.2-api-2.20.0.jar (09/01/23 - 13424)
  6. Fix unmappable character for encoding UTF8 (09/05/23 - 13431)
  7. remove log4j-1.2.9.jar (09/05/23 - 13431)
  8. Merge apache compatibilty patches (09/11/23 - 13436)
  9. Remove duplicate log4j-1.2-api-2.20.0.jar (09/05/23 - 13438)
  10. Add WebClientCommon as part of project dependencies (09/05/23 - 13440)
  11. Revert adding WebClientCommon as part of project dependencies (09/05/23 - 13440)
  12. Revert makefile to the original format (09/05/23 - 13445)
  13. Restore log4j-1.2-api-2.20.0.jar (09/12/23 - 13447)
  14. Add log4j-api-2.20.0.jar and log4j-core-2.20.0.jar dependencies (09/12/23 - 13449)
  15. Change DijitObj variable console error
  16. Menubar resize error fixed
  17. New define to determine if you want to save in cache what nodes were expanded or not. ( 10/12/23 - 13456)
  18. Calendar bug position when there is now space solved (11/1/23 -1460/62)
  19. Resizing Error of templates with Html node as parameter and webpassword set state problem solved (12/01/2023 - 13465)
  20. Resizing Error of templates when changing states(12/15/23 - 13467)
  21. Multiline grid in PopUp without scrollbar problem fixed (02/08/24 - 13469)
  22.  Delete Grid submit handler when function its closed to avoid duplicated listeners if the function its opened again (06/11/21 - 13482)
  23. Problem regarding the frozen application when trying to open a pop up was fixed by a new define "DeactivateDoubleClickListFocus". (06/19/24 - 13485)
  24. Fixed error with MDI child in which the second tab doesn't change the display. (07/16/24 - 13487)
For more information about support for Eclipse and Java, please visit CM WebClient 1.8.7 Release Notes .

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