MatchPoint 6.5 is Released

MatchPoint 6.5 is Released

Go to the link below to download CM MatchPoint 6.5 Build 005, this is the latest release which include all the updates up to December 2019

MatchPoint 6.5 Build 005

What’s is New:

JAVA Back-end:

The New release back-end has been moved from RPG to JAVA.

The new back-end gives more flexibility to MatchPoint as this can be run on Windows or Linux machines and support database connection to DB Managers via JDBC*, the server

* Supported JDBC connection out of box MS SQL and IBM

System Requirements:

  1. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8.021 or higher
  2. Memory 2GB
  3. CPU Intel i5 




This new MatchPoint Version requires a new License.

Now MatchPoint is licensing the Java Dispatcher instead of the IBM Dispatcher

Before install request a License and send the System Name of the machine where you will install the Java Server

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