MatchPoint 6.1 is Released

MatchPoint 6.1 is Released

Go to the link below to download CM MatchPoint 6.1 Build 001

MatchPoint 6.1 Build 001

Whats is New:

SVN Connector

Added functionality to the SVN connector to maintain the CA Plex Group model with the SVN Repository.
With this new functionality MatchPoint can use a subversion repository to control the Group Model versioning, automates the process of extracting and updating group models managed with subversion
Also, the SVN Connector allows to have individual developer subversion repository for the local models.

Notes: the SVN server and Subversion Tortoise Client with command line utility 1.9.5 or higher must be installed to support this new functionality.


The new module allows to generate and build for the C++, C# and Java platforms automatically without supervision.
This can be a standalone process or integrated with the MatchPoint Ticketing system to generate and build CA Plex objects automatically.
This module is useful for long unattended generation and build process

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