Login to EvolveIT

Login to EvolveIT

Login and User setting Management

This document covers how to access CM EvolveIT for CA 2E and CA Plex as well as managing user settings.  

1. Log in to the dashboard with a valid dashboard username

Before start: 
You have received valid UserName and temporary password from CM First administrator 
Open Log in page by clicking this link
CM EvolveIT Main Page

2. Reset password: 

Log in as a new user for the first time with the user id and temporary password provided in account created email or from your system administrator. 

The “Reset Password” screen is displayed. 

Fill out the new and old password.  Click Save to update and cancel to stop the changes



3. Edit profile  

Click on the down arrow by the user icon in the top right of the dashboard.  

The profile menu will display. 

Select  “Edit Profile” 

A popup screen will display 

Change data as you want  

Click on the “Save” button to save or the “Cancel” to cancel. 


4. Change Password 

Click on the down arrow by the user icon in the top right of the dashboard.  

The profile menu will display. 

Select “Change Password”,  

Fill out the current password, new password, and confirm password fields.   

Click on the “Save” button to change the password or “Cancel” to cancel. 


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