MatchPoint Client Installation Process

MatchPoint Client Installation Process

Installation Process

1 - Create the Next Folders:
a. C:\MatchPoint\Client
b. C:\MatchPoint\Docs
2 - Double Click MatchPoint Installer ** 
3- Select Install Client Components click forward

4 - Accept the License
5 - Select the Folder C:\MatchPoint\Client as Destination and uncheck “Create Backup”

6 - Select Create Shortcut

7 - Once MatchPoint has finish Installation, click Finish and Wait all MatchPoint Installer windows are closed ***

8 - Go to C:\MatchPoint\Client and Right click the file MatchPoint.INI and add permission to the local users group to that file

9 - Run MatchPoint from Desktop Shortcut
10 - Enter the Information to connect to the MatchPoint Java Dispatccher using your IBM credentials and click ok
a. System = <the java server name>
b. Port = 2000
c. User = <your IBM credentials>
c. Password =<your IBM credentials>

11 - Once information is entered and after clicking ok to the previous windows MatchPoint will create INI files for the modules in your Descktop MOVE (cut and paste) these newly INI files created in from your desktop to C:\MatchgPoint\Client


** If MatchPoint was installed before select Deinstallation click forward to uninstall MatchPoint and then go to step 2 again

Replacing Existing Files

*** There may be multiple screen asking to replace installed files click yes to all of them

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