Installing a license key (networked)

Installing a license key (networked)

From Worksoft Support

There are two different methods provided by Sentinel LM to install a license key -- a command line utility (lslic.exe) and a Windows License Manager Administration utility (wlmadmin.exe).  Both of these utilities are located in the Worksoft Certify Site file included in the Worksoft Certify installation package in the .\SitePrep\LicenseServer\AdminTools folder.  The instructions for using the command line utility are located in the “To install your license key:” section of the Certify Enterprise Installation Guide. 

Here are the instructions for using the Sentinel LM License Manager Administration utility (wlmadmin.exe) to install the license key:  

To use wlmadmin.exe to install a license key …

1.       Unzip the Worksoft Certify Site file and navigate to the .\SitePrep\LicenseServer\AdminTools folder.

2.       Start wlmadmin.exe and navigate to the server that is hosting the Worksoft Certify license in the tree view on the left.  (NOTE: This might be in either the Defined Servers or Subnet Servers nodes depending on where your Sentinel server is set up in your network.)

3.       Right-click on the server name in the list and choose “Add Feature -> From a File -> To Server and its File” from the popup menu.

4.       Select the License file from the Open File dialog and click the Open button.

The license key will be installed.

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