CM Meta Analytics should be installed on a dedicated Windows server sized appropriately for the expected work load.

Operating System: Windows XP, 2003, 7, or better. 32 or 64 bit supported. VMWare host/guest supported.
Java: Java 6 or higher installed. The Java installation should have charsets.jar installed if the source code files are encoded with an EBCDIC encoding.
CA Repository for zOS: v7.2 or higher with Universal XML Exchange

Installing CM Meta Analytics

  1. If this is the first time installing CMMet Analytics please skip to set 2.

    • Open Services panel by typing services on the Search Programs and Files field.

    • Stop the CMMetaAnalytics service from the Services panel on the source scanning server.

      This can be verified from the task manager:

      1. CMMetaAnalytics status is Stopped on the Services tab.                                                                                                                                   

      2. JavaService.exe is not present in the Processes tab.                                                                                                                                         

      3. Run CM Meta Analytics uninstall:

        Default Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\CMFirst Technologies\CM Meta Analytics\Uninstall.exe

        Delete bin, lib, plugins folders manually if they still exist after uninstallation is done. Do not delete any of the ScanningDB.db files unless you want to reset the settings.

  2. Download the newest installer from the link provided by CM First.

  3. Run the installer.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Choose the destination to install.

    Default Location in image.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  6. Click Install.

  7. Click Finished.

  8. Change service account.

    Go to Services panel, right-click CMMetaAnalytics service and select Properties, run as server PIN and restart the service.

  9. If this is the first time installing CM Meta Analytics please following Transfer instructions listed below.

CM Meta Analytics has been successfully installed.

To verify that the services has been installed and started, navigate to the user interface at: http://localhost:8082/ on the local machine, it may take a moment to appear initially.

If CMMetaAnalytics service fails to start, check the Event Viewer for error messages and send the event log to CMFirst.

Transferring CM Meta Analytics to a new machine:

  1. Retrieving SystemIdentification for both New and Old Machines
    • Run the SDRegisterTool located at
      on the old machine and new machine to retrieve the SystemIdentification for each
      • Example: SDRegisterTool COBOL~IBMEnterprise CAScanner

  2. Create a License Transfer Request on the CM First support site.
    • Please provide the following information:
      • User Name:
      • Old SystemIdentification:
      • New SystemIdentification:
      • All Scanner Names:
        1. COBOL~IBMEnterprise
        2. Java~Java1_5
        3. JCL~OS
        4. ALC~HLASM
      • Version for each scanner:
      • Expiration Date or Perpetual for each scanner:
  3. CM First will deactivate the old machine and retrieve a new license.
    • The new key(s) will be delivered on the transfer request ticket on the CM Support site.
  4. With the new key, on the new machine.
    • Run the SDRegisterTool for each of the scanners using the new key provided with the information provided.

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