Import Menu

Import Menu

CM EvolveIT Object Browser allows users can import data from CSV file.
This document covers how to use CM EvolveIT Import Menu

How to open Import Menu:

Import Menu UI:

Import Menu UI Detail:

1. Import button:

To import Menu data from CSV
  1. Click on Import button to open the pop-up

  1. On Import pop-up:
            + We can click on Browse.. button to import Data from CSV file
            + In the case we do want to get the CSV template, we can click on "Download schema template" to get the CSV template and fill data before importing.

            + Result:

2. Importing historical grid:

To show historical data. Beside that, we can have some actions in this grid as below:
  1. Sorting data: When clicking on the column header:
  1. Filter data:
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