Implementing the WebImageGallery custom template

Implementing the WebImageGallery custom template

This custom template is based on galleriajs and it is applying to a Grid control. Its functionality consists of displaying a gallery of images extracted from webproject/WebContent/images folder. To implement this control please follow the steps below: 
  1. Put the image files that you want to display in the gallery in the webproject/WebContent/images folder.
  2. Add the WCGallery-page.wcli and WebImageGallery.ctrl files in your custom templates folder.
  3. In your function add a grid control. Set the control name of the grid like this: “GridP:MainArea:template=WebImageGallery

    The grid data for the image file should be just the image file name, for example APPLE.gif or background1.jpg.

  4. Add a triplet to the function referencing the page template.

    IMPORTANT: to be able to call a DetailPoup function that inherits from WCGallery you need to add the inheratance to the WCGallery page template to the caller function.

  5. Generate and test your function.

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