How to prevent/resolve invalid registration license errors

How to prevent/resolve invalid registration license errors

The machine system id used by the scanner licenses can change in the event of computer hardware configuration changes. If a hardware changes occurs, you will see the following in the scanner log:

Invalid Registration for "CAScanner 1": Not registered to this system

Change to the following may affect your license. Note this is not an all inclusive list.

  • Memory
  • CPU
  • Primary Disk Partition ID
  • Operating System
  • Network Interface

Prior to making a change to your machine hardware (including hardware associated with VM instances), please contact support to see if your license will be affected. If it will be affected, then you will need to request a new license from support after making the hardware change. It is recommend that you schedule the hardware change in advance with support so that a support team member can replace your license as quickly as possible.

MSINFO32.EXE can be used to produce a snapshot of machine configuration information. We recommend that this file be provided with new license requests so support can reference this in the event of issues.


Open System Information (MSINFO32.EXE)


On the File menu, click Export.


In Save in, click a file location.


In File name, type the file name.


Click Save.


If you have any questions on this, please contact support

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