How to Implement Outlook Style Calendar View Using EventCalendar.ctrl

How to Implement Outlook Style Calendar View Using EventCalendar.ctrl

Create a grid function with the following fields.

  • Event Id (Column Heading=Event Id)
  • StartDate (Column Heading=Start Date)
  • StartTime (Column Heading=Start Time)
  • EndTime (Column Heading=End Time)
  • Event Description (Column Heading=Summary)
  • ViewType (Visible=No)
  • EventType (Column Heading=Event Type)

  • Calendar View

  • CalendarEndTime

  • CalendarStartTime

  • DateInterval

  • DateIntervalSteps

  • Event Description

  • Event Id

  • GridControlName

  • ViewType

  • EventType

Grid Function Setup
  1. Create a source code object with the name "setView"

  2. Add DateISO in the DetailP region.
  3. Change the property Control Name of the grid to the following.

    <gridctrlname>:template=EventCalendar:EventId=Event Id:StartDate=Start Date:StartTime=Start Time:EndDate=End Date:EndTime=End Time:EventDesc=Summary

  4. Create buttons and events to define the standard functionality for the EventCalendar.ctrl.
    -Button <<Prev. is mapped to logical event Previous.
    -Button Next >> is mapped to logical event Next.
    -Button Day is mapped to logical event Day.
    -Button Today is mapped to logical event Today.
    -Button 4 Days is mapped to logical event 4Days.
    -Button Week is mapped to logical event Week.
    -Button Month is mapped to logical event Month.
    -Button 6 Month is mapped to logical event 6Month.

  5. Add event calendar CSS class.

Runtime Screenshots

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