How to generate a license file

How to generate a license file

1. Open an administrator command prompt window, and type the following commands: 

2. SET DMS_DOMAINS=C:\Program Files (x86)\CMFirst Technologies\cmMetaAnalytics\DMS\Domains 
3. PATH %PATH%;C:\Program Files (x86)\CMFirst Technologies\cmMetaAnalytics\DMS\Domains\PARLANSE\Tools\RunTimeSystem 
4. c: 
5. For Java:

      cd C:\Program Files (x86)\CMFirst Technologies\cmMetaAnalytics\DMS\Domains\Java\Java1_5\Analyzers\CAScanner\java\util


     cd C:\Program Files (x86)\CMFirst Technologies\cmMetaAnalytics\DMS\Domains\COBOL\IBMEnterprise\Analyzers\CAScanner

For JCL:

     cd C:\Program Files (x86)\CMFirst Technologies\cmMetaAnalytics\DMS\Domains\JCL\OS\Analyzers\CAScanner

For Linkage Editor:

     cd C:\Program Files (x86)\CMFirst Technologies\cmMetaAnalytics\DMS\Domains\LinkageEditor\OS\Analyzers\CAScanner

For ALC:

     Not required

6. run RegisterCAScanner.P0B 

Then type "yes" to replace the old registration. Enter for the username. Press enter for termination date and the line count (it will take the defaults, which is an unlimited license.). Enter a support request on to request a new registration code. 

7. When received, enter the registration code.

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