How do you use the CM Matchpoint Plex AutoGen Product

How do you use the CM Matchpoint Plex AutoGen Product

Here is the contents of the Read Me file

How to use:
1. Create List, Package or SubjectArea in your model and define them to GenReq.json file
2. Set roperties Plex_GenOptions.json
3. This tool uses Plex Model API, make sure there is NO Plex.exe instance running on your Windows Login Session (Confirm with Task Manager)
4. Double Click Plex_AutoGen.exe

GenReq.json file: typically per model, define List of Plex Objects you want to Generate/Build
Plex.exe will be restarted per ListName Unit after it finishes all GenRequestItems items.
You can define List of Plex package, List or Subjectarea to build under GenRequestItems
"GenRequestType": Can be used Filterling, if you set "Any", it is alyays to be executed
"MISC", "VW", "UI" or "Any"
"GenRequestItems": [
"ObjType": 10 for List, 14 for Package and 21 for SubjectArea
"Name": Plex Object name

Plex_GenOptions.json file: main tool properties

"LocalModel_Path": Fullpath to your Local model
"GenList_Path": Full path to GenReq.json 
"Gen, "Build" or "GenBuild"
"GenRequestType": Filter per GenRequestType defined in GenReq.json 
"All", "MISC", "VW" or "UI"
"ListsToGen": Filter per specific ListName(s) defined in GenReq.json
["List1", "List2"],
"SaveLocalModel": Save Local model after gen
"true" or "false",
"PlexExe_Path": Full path to Plex.exe
"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\CA\\Plex\\7.1\\Plex.exe"

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