Filtered Grid

Filtered Grid

This feature has been implemented for the Edit Grid only which currently only supports text fields.

To implement, define the following inheritance:

MyEntity ENT is ENT Ability.FilterList

With this, you will inherit a non-implementable view 'FilterAttributes' which includes the fields you can filter in the grid.


For this example we will use the entity Client Tablette to inherit from filtered grid:

Gestion Tablette Offline.Client Tablette is a ENT Ability.EditList and Gestion Tablette Offline.Client Tabletteis a ENT Ability.FilterList.

After adding the inherit of FilterList. See that the entity Client Tablette has new view name filter Attributes.

In the Filter Attribute you can choose a field/fields that is/are on the grid to perform a search.

In this case we will use two fields from grid:

Now, we will prevent a field from being edited: Code Client. To do this we need to open the function EvaluateDataAttribute.

In the Action Diagram locate the local variable then NonEditable variable and there add the field that you don’t want to be editable.

Generate Changes.

On the model set up an offline tablette build list which contains all the template generation functions for all the entities of the application:

After generating the offline tablette build list generate the Gestion Tablette Offline Server:


Now go to eclipse.

To import all the generated function right click and refresh the java project.

Then run the Application Generator.

When the application is running click on Application Settings tab then click apply.

  1. Click in Application Template, select Gen Folder and Generate Application. Wait for the message that all was generated.

Now right click and refresh to the web project.

Run Tomcat server.

Test Changes

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