Evolve IT Configuration

Evolve IT Configuration

Dashboard - Configuration

This document will cover the process to set up email information within the CM EvolveIT Dashboard.  The email information is used to email new users and for a password reset when running CM EvolveIT in Authentication Mode EvolveIT.   

After reading this document you should be able to configure the CM EvolveIT Dashboard to use your companies email setting.  

1. Log in to the dashboard as a user that has been set up as an administrator or use the built-in administrator  

(Default Password is ‘admin@1234!’) 


Once logged in the Dashboard will display.  



 2. Select the Configuration menu option.  

Settings -> Configuration menu.  

“ConfigurationManagement” Permission is required 

Use these settings to send an e-mail to new Users in Authentication Mode EvolveIT. When a new user is created, an email with a temporary password is sent to the user.  If these settings are not set up prior to creating users they will not receive their temporary passwords.  

Select the “Reset” button, to reset the setting to the current database settings. 



 3. Enter your company email server information.  


 4. Click on “Check email configuration”  

If the setting is validated, the “Save” button is enabled.  

  •  Click on the “Save” button.  

 The configuration is saved. 

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