Download File From URL Control Template Manual

Download File From URL Control Template Manual

The “DownloadFileFromURL.ctrl” template can be used to download files stored in your server, to implement this template follow these instructions:

  1. In Eclipse, copy the “DownloadFileFromURL.ctrl” file into your “Custom Templates” folder
  2. In Plex create a field called “FileURL” with this configuration:
  3. Add the “FileURL” field to the functions in which you need the download functionality, also hide its label and set the ”Control Name” property to this value: fileURL:MainArea:template=DownloadFileFromURL:default
  4. To download a file just set the value of the “FileURL” field equal to the URL from the file you need to download, the “DownloadFileFromURL.ctrl” template will automatically start the download of  the file each time you set a value in the “FileURL” field, please see our example:

  5. Generates your function and test it in Eclipse

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