Upload CA Plex Model to CM evolveIT For CA Plex

Upload CA Plex Model to CM evolveIT For CA Plex

Click the Sign In text item


Open CM evolveIT Customer Portal

Click CA Plex Model option

Enter email address

This process will validate user is registered

Enter Model description

Enter Entry Function Name

Enter the implementation name of your entry function for your application, normally this is a the main menu function of the application

Click the Continue button

Upload Model

The CA Plex model should be uploade in a zip file

Upload Source files

The sources files of your application are required, ZIP the Gen folder with the sources generated from CA Plex

Click the Continue button

Aditional Users

By default the user you logged in to support porta will be created as a user for the CM evolveIT portal, you can add additional users you want to have access here


Once you have all the information you can Submit this to start the CM evolveIT process, this will create a Support ticket which will be use to send the access information once the process is finished

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