CM WebClient for CM M3

CM WebClient for CM M3


CA Plex dispatcher – The System i TCP/IP Dispatcher is required when the transformed applications call external iSeries objects (RPG, CL programs)

Properties Configuration

This is the file were the AS400 configuration is done, it contains the next sections, when a user is validated to log in this information will be updated to the file to be use during run time of the application.

M3 Menu database

This contains the database where the menu entries are defined or created, you can check the article “Dynamic Tree Menu Implementation” to see the details how the menu works and how to add entries to the Menu in the section Test your application

The Menu database uses a DB connection name option to allow the application to have the menu database separated from the application database.

The property com.adcaustin.adcms.server.LocationName=DefaultAS400 define the location server where the CA Plex Dispatcher connection will be set, the setting properties will be existing like :

M3 Batch Job support

This defines the Batch information when a transformed function calls a function as external object as batch process.

Application Database Connection

M3 Login Function (M3TreeLogon)

By default, CM WebClient application will have as web entry point the function M3TreeLogon. This function validates the user against the iSeries profiles and then calls the function M3 Menu as first program.

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