CM Meta Analytics Plugins

CM Meta Analytics Plugins

The CM Meta Analytics engine supports plugins in its architecture. Plugins are able to contribute functionality such as additional methods to detect input files, and data structures to store additional information.

Plugins are automatically loaded at service start time. They should be located in a directory named plugins under the CM Meta Analytics program directory. Each plugin is a Java JAR file utilizing the JSPF plugin framework. The source code scanner should be stopped while installing or uninstalling plugins.

A plugin project must reference the following JAR files that are present in the lib directory under CM Meta Analytics:

  • CMMA-API.jar
  • hibernate3.jar
  • hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-1.0.1.Final.jar
  • jspf.core-1.0.2.jar

In addition, in order to run unit tests against the CM Meta Analytics data store, the file SourceScannerInteg.jar can be added to the runtime class path. However, plugins should not link directly against SourceScannerInteg.jar.

Plugins can implement the following interfaces:

IFileSensor - used to allow the source scanner to detect different types of manifest files placed within the scan directory.
IHibernateConfig - used to allow the plugin to define additional Hibernate domain classes to be stored in the source scanner's data store.

Implementations of the following plugin interfaces are available from the environment:

IJobStore - resolves to a test instance of the source scanner data store (for unit testing purposes.)
IScanTypeFactory - resolves to a factory which produces the source code scanner type configuration objects.

For more information on how to use the plugin interfaces, see the Javadoc documentation for CMMA- API.