CM MatchPoint SQL Intallation

CM MatchPoint SQL Intallation


1 - CM Matchpoint support SQL Server version since Express edition 2012 ore higher
2 - The server must allow SQL Sever and Windoes Authentication Mode

The installer contains the full DB and requires a folder to be place (we sugest to define a folder like this C:\CMMatchpoint\Data)

Install Steps

Install CM MatchPoint DB Files

1 - From the Installer Select "Server Installation"

2 - Select "Install SQL DB Components"

3 -  Set the Folder where the DB files will be copied to

4 - When the process finish check the folder it will contain the CM MatchPoint DB Files

Attach CM MatchPoint DB Files to SQL Server

5 - Attach the CM MatchPoint DB files to the SQL Server
       - Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the SQL server
       - Right Click the Server and Select "Attach Database"
 - Locate the CM MatchPoint DB files

When complete the CM MatchPoint database should appear in your SQL Server

Create CM MatchPoint DB user

6 - Select the Security\Login section in SQL Server and create a new login

7 - Define password and permission

When Complete the "mpuser" will appears in the Logins


Since windows 10 there are some security settings that do not allow to attach the DB due to permission
If you get the error below, this means the CM MatchPoint DB files does not have granted permission to the user you are working with


Grant permission to the user

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