CM Matchpoint Manual Installation for IBM

CM Matchpoint Manual Installation for IBM

Java Server

CM Matchpoint backend is a java application that can be run on any platform that supports java, to run the CM MatchPoint server java in the IBM server download the, unzip and copy to an IFS location, the run a SMBJOB command like: 
  1. SBMJOB CMD(RUNJVA CLASS(ObRun.ObComms.ObService) PARM('Path=/cmmatchpoint' 2000) CLASSPATH('/cmmatchpoint/lib/obrun.jar:/cmmatchpoint/*')) JOB(CMMPJVA) 
replace /cmmatchpoin with the ifs location you copied the files to

IBM Components

1 - Create a backup of the libraries MPPGM, MPDTA, MPCOM if you have a previous version of CM MatchPoint
2 - Transfer the libraries MPPGM, MPDTA, MPCOM from the to the IBM i Server (all servers) 
  1. C:\>ftp
  2. ftp> open YOURSYSTEM
  3. User (YOURSYSTEM:(none)): USER
  4. 331 Enter password.
  5. Password:
  6. 230 USER logged on.
  7. ftp> quote site namefmt 1
  8. ftp> bin
  9. ftp> cd qsys.lib
  10. ftp> cd qgpl.lib
  11. ftp> lcd c:\temp\MPInstall\Server
  12. ftp> put MPPGM.savf
  13. ftp> put MPDTA.savf
  14. ftp> put MPCOM.savf
  15. ftp> quit
3- Restore the libraries from the savefiles:
 4 - Copy the data from backup to new release:
  1.  CALL PGM(MPPGM/COPYDATA) PARM(MPDTASAV MPDTA)  // MPDTASAV being the backup of previous release
5 - Modify dispatcher start program: MPCOM/STRTCP720
If this program is used to start the dispatcher job, set the portnumber accordingly. You can also copy the program STRTCP720 (AND the source in QCLSRC) from the backup to the new MPCOM library

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