CM MatchPoint 7.5 is Available

CM MatchPoint 7.5 is Available

Go to the link bellow to get the CM Matchpoint 7.5 update *
* This require to have 7.0 installed previously*
Donwload Update here

What is New

Git Command Line Support

In this new version CM MatchPoint support git for :
  1. CA Plex Group Models *
  2. CA Plex Generated Sources
With this new functionality CM Matchpoint can be integrated to the CICD process that support git
* CM Matchpoit uses Git LFS support to control acces to the Group model

Fixes & Enhancements


  1. Web Services promoter, Support IBMi “Error response output parameter" so that when the application returns httpstatus  400 or 500 still can get application specific error information
  2. Web Services promoter, Support to webservices deployment with more than 64 parameters


  1. WSDL URL not show when deploy SOAP
  2. OM5mF does not show all the authorize environments
  3. CA Plex Closes in windows 11 when called from Update model Process
  4. User Password Management

How to Update to CM MatchPoint 7.5

  1. CM Matchpoint 7.5 requires CM MatchPoint 7.0, first install CM MatchPoint 7.0
  2. Download the updates for Server and Client
  3. Extract the client and server zip to the installarion path

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