CM evolveIT v11.6 Release Note

CM evolveIT v11.6 Release Note

CM evolveIT v11.6 Release Note

IBM Power® (AKA IBM i, AS/400) Cobol support

  1. CM evolveIT handles IBM Power Cobol sources with copybook, CL, DDS base Table, View, DSPF and PRTF on Desktop and Web mode

  1. Asset relations
program calls program
program uses copybook
program access table/view
program uses screen/report
table/view has column
view references table
  1. Full Source code search on Web Mode
Pre-indexed high performance text search provides CM evolveIT users search text within sources in seconds

User can limit the searching source codes by all or per asset

Search results appear as Interactive tree list and allows open source, open Asset Detail or export
Below images are Search 'ssn' within entire source files

Result with source view
Result to show as Asset browser

Inventory Statistics

Inventory Statistics view provides statistics per asset
Count of Asset
Most used copybook
Most called program 

Zoom per Asset provides more information
It allows to open Diagram Viewer as well

Diagram enhancement

CM evolveIT Web Diagram Viewer provides unique interactive view of your assets

New Diagram data view Modes

To handle various size of data with reasonable performance and to meet request from users, Diagram data displayed as 3 modes
  1. Normal Graph Mode (Full Interactive Mode)
This is a Default Mode

  1. Simple Mode
For a larger Diagram to display with reasonable performance
This mode disabled a certain features like expand diagram
Display busier Node(s) with larger size to easily spot them

  1. Table Mode
Display Data as Table
One table per asset
select row highlight related asset rows
For a very large Diagram, this view is only mode

Displays related Rows Only

Node Zooming

This feature allows CM evolveIT user focus an Asset Node with locally associated Asset Nodes 
There are two ways to switch view
Click   icon from Node Detail Pop up or Select Node from 'Node List'

The selected Node appears center and all directly related Nodes appears as surrounding Nodes

Contains Node View

Certain Parent and child relations are displayed as 'expandable' Nodes
Table has Column relation as below

Expanded view

Source code management utility

  1. Git Support

Historically, CM evolveIT uses requires prepare source code manually by FTP, Zip and Copy them.
With this Utility simplify the process drastically. 
Clone/Pull source codes from git repo and pre-stage CM evolveIT discovery process (IBM Z only as of v11.5)
  1. Database Schema definition (DB2 for MF, Oracle and Teradata)

Historically, CM evolveIT uses DDL (such as Create table SQL) to import database schema definitions. In many cases, to preparing these DDL is not simple task for most users.
With this feature, CM evolveIT directory connect database like DB2, Oracle and Teradata to extract the schema definition from Database meta data via ODBC connection.
Various Run mode are provided

Git repo Settings

Database Schema settings

Define Source Types 

New look Dashboard Configuration Tool

Predefined Desktop Layouts

Predefined Layouts for Inventory viewer are included

What's New 

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