Apply New License to MatchPoint

Apply New License to MatchPoint

To apply a new license to your MatchPoint installation please follow the next steps:

When Deployed on AS400

Make sure the  next properties exist on the the file located in IFS /cmmatchpoint like show in the image bellow, if the properties do not exist please create them, make sure the MatchPoint.ServerName propertie matches your AS400 machine name

General Process

1 - Go to Help menu and then click About.. option

2 - Click the License button on the MatchPoint about panel

3 - Enter the "Lincense code" sent to you and then click the check button, if status is "Red"  make sure the License code is entered correct and follow step 4 and 5

4 - if status is "Red" please check the the data in the modules matches the License information sent, click on the modules button

Compare the information from the License document to match the application information like:
   1 Modules listed
   2 No. of user for each modu;e
   3 No. of mod
   4 Valid Until date

5 - Click check button status should be "Green"

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