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Proof of Concept Guidelines

CM First has different options for a proof of concept (POC). During a POC, CM First will transform the CA 2E model and supply credentials to a AWS cloud image where the resulting application is hosted, so the customer can inspect the transformed code and application. The application is typically deployed as a rich web client on a J2EE (Linux, Windows, or IBM) web server, accessing SQL Server as the database (any JDBC database is supported).

Basic Option

CM First has a CA 2E model developed around Insurance that has all major function types and code constructs used in CA 2E. A prospective customer can follow this process:

  • Obtain credentials to inspect the model
  • If desired, a copy of the model can be made to incorporate changes the customer wishes to see in the transformed application.

Screen shot of transformed application:

Standard Option

Alternatively a customer can supply their own CA 2E model to be transformed. CM First will transform the model application to either an IBM i, Windows, or Linux target. Fixed cost is $10K and takes about 2 weeks depending on resource availability.

Customer Supplies:

  • POC definition document with 2 entry point screens (typically DSPFIL), with a call graph of 1 level for screen functions and unlimited database or non-screen functions (i.e. RTVOBJ or EXCEXTFUN). Should include either detailed testing steps or a test case video.
  • CA 2E Model library, generation library, and test data
  • If desired, corporate style guidelines or CSS for web app deployment 

The POC functions selected should not have any of the following features that require manual intervention:

  • User source of any kind, including EXCMSG, EXCUSRSRC, EXCUSRPGM calls, or DSP user source.

POC files can be uploaded to the following URL:

Customer Support Secure File Upload

Custom Option

Larger and more involved POC's can be done, contact us for more information.



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