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How to Change the Save Options on iSeries (AS400) Login screen for a C# PLEX Client

For a C# PLEX Client that uses the iSeries (AS400) as the backend it is possible to control the different SAVE options that are presented in the iSeries’ Sign On to IBM I dialog. Follow the instructions below: 

  1. 1. Open the Config file associated with your C# client. Search for ‘LogOnInfoSaveOption’.
  2. The login screen has ‘Save System’, ‘Save User’ and ‘Save Password’ check boxes to save these values.
  3. CA gave four options for saving the credentials as below:
    AllowAll: Display all save option checkbox     AllowSystemOnly: Display save option check box for System field only      AllowSystemAndUser: Display save option check box for System and User field                                         NotAllow: No save option check box is displayed
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