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Deeplink PlexXML String Configuration

The variable plexXML contains the XML data that is sent to Plex. The syntax needed is as follows: 

“<PlexFunction xmlns=\"\"><InputVariables Name=\"YOUR_INPUT_VARIABLE_NAME\"><Field Name=\" YOUR_FIELD_NAME \">"+ encodeToXML(YOUR_VARIABLE) +"</Field></InputVariables></PlexFunction>” 



For a unique parameter



For multiple parameters 




NOTE: To send multiple parameters, use “&” to separate the values in the URL. This is defined in the “” file. You can see this code in the “” file, which contains a function created to separate the values from a URL, you can copy and use the code in that file to your projects. Remember to change the length from the array “myValues” and the “plexXML” variable according to the number of parameters that you will send. 


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