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Client/Server Guidelines


This document is intended to help CM First customers appropriately size CM evolveIT Client and Server hardware and windows configuration for a CM evolveIT installation. A typical CM evolveIT installation would include a Windows server and a CM evolveIT client on each user’s Windows PC. The CM evolveIT installation includes all components that are required to run CM evolveIT on a Windows platform. No other software is required for CM evolveIT to run properly.


CM evolveIT Server Configuration guidelines:

The CM evolveIT server is critical to the performance of CM evolveIT. Although the CM evolveIT server will function if installed on an end user PC and still support multiple users, we recommend a dedicated server of sufficient size and speed. Sizing of the CM evolveIT server is dependent on several variables in the customer installation such as;


  • the number of users accessing CM evolveIT at any time
  • the size of the CM evolveIT database
  • the frequency of refresh of the inventory database
  • the pattern of analysis that CM evolveIT will use


Customers should confirm their CM evolveIT server configuration with CM First prior to purchasing or installing hardware.

Client Operating System: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Server Operating System: Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012 (The CM evolveIT server installation is available for both 32bit or 64bit processors.)


CM evolveIT requires only the server operating system to be in place before installation. The CM evolveIT server installation will need Microsoft .NET (.NET 4.1 or later) distributable components. No other software components are required for an CM evolveIT server installation.


Server Hardware:

  • 4-8 cores Recommended: 3Ghz +
    • (for Installations of 1 concurrent user a dual core server is fine)
  • Memory Recommended: 8Gb +
  • Disc Speed - a faster disc drive will have a real impact
  • Available Disc Space 100-250Gb depending on application size


Typical CM evolveIT Server Installation:

  • 10,000+ Cobol Source Components (Programs, JCL, Procs, Parms etc.)
  • 5-10 clients
  • 4 cores 3.0 Ghz (8 cores if more than 10 users)
  • 8 GB Ram
  • 250 GB Disk (7000 RPM)




The Server will take advantage of multi-core PC configurations, although like many Windows programs the performance advantage is non-linear and depends on the CM evolveIT functions that are being used simultaneously.


Windows server configuration

The server will need the following settings:

  • Minimum fixed size 16GB page file is needed on the server
  • Remote desktop access to the CM evolveIT server for CM evolveIT Administrator use with administrator privileges on the server.
  • The user must stay logged on to the server once the remote access is shut down.
    • This is how users run refresh process which can take from minutes to hours depending on the size of the database.
  • Ports 49152 -65535 on a Windows 2008 Server need to be accessible to the CM evolveIT service on the server for communication back to the client.
    • For server 2008, vista, windows 7 and later the available port range is: 49152 – 65535. (
    • To change the available dynamic port range (keep 1000 ports minimum) you can use the command:
    • netsh int <ipv4|ipv6> set dynamic <tcp|udp> start=number num=range from the command line, you’ll need to use tcp for CM evolveIT. More information here:
  • CM evolveIT will need full read/write/create access to its own installation directories “\CM First” and all subdirectories.
  • The Administrator will need to be able to access the CM First FTP site from the CM evolveIT server to get the installation executable and Databases onto the server (or someone will need to transfer them to the server internally).


CM evolveIT Installation:

In order to complete the installation, we will upload the CM evolveIT install executable to the FTP and it will need to be downloaded to the server.

We normally use an online meeting to walk through the installation steps and install the initial inventory(s) when they are ready.

The person who will install the server uses a remote desktop access from their laptop to view the server desktop and logs into the GotoMeeting session so we can all see the server being installed.

You can also provide us direct access to the server to complete the installation.


Server Windows Pagefile Configuration

CM First recommends that customers set the MS Windows server pagefile to a fixed size that is not less than 4 times larger than the amount of RAM in the server.

For example: If the server has 4GB or RAM then the windows page file should be sized at no less than a fixed 16GB of Disk space.


Client Configuration guidelines:

The end user element of the installation is intended to minimize the

requirement for power of the host PC where possible and has a small 25Mb

footprint. Most existing PCs should run the client effectively; our

recommendation is:


  • Processor: 2.4Ghz +
  • Memory: 2GB+
  • Available Disk Space 40mB+



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