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How to change the File Delimiter for WebGridExport Pattern

By default the WebGridExport pattern uses the comma (,) as file delimiter but you can change it according to your needs, to do this please follow these instructions:

  1. Create a field called “newFileDelimiter” with this configuration:
  2. Add new values with the symbols you want to use as file delimiters to the “newFileDelimiter” field
  3. Open the function that implements the WebExportGrid pattern. In the variable palette look for a field called FileDelimiter contained in the ExportGrid variable, this field defines the file delimiter used in the CSV file.

    To change the standard symbol used as file delimiter, you must change the value of this field, to achieve this you can use the "Edit Point ExportSetControl" to set the value of this field equal to one of the values defined in your “newFileDelimiter” field. Remember to add this field to the variable palette. See the following example: 

  4. Generate your function and test it in Eclipse 
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