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Solve Error “removeParmVarFromFunction”

A common problem when updating WebClient to a new release is that some of your Java files will show the error “removeParmVarFromFunction”

This means that the version of “ObRun.jar” file WebClient used to run the web application is different from the “ObRun.jar” file being used by CA Plex in your development environment. By default WebClient uses the “ObRun.jar” file from CA Plex 7.1. If you are using a different version in your workspace, you will need to replace the WebClient workspace“ObRun.jar” file with the “ObRun.jar” file from your CA Plex version. Follow these steps:

1. Copy the “ObRun.jar” file from your Plex version; normally you will find it on this location:

C:\ProgramData\CA\Plex\<YOUR PLEX VERSION>\ObJava\Lib

2. Select your WebClient project in Eclipse and paste the “ObRun.jar” file you just copied. When prompted to override the file, click reply YES:

3. Regenerate all your functions. The error warning on the Java files should no longer appear.

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