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Manual Steps for 2E entities with a “Qualified by” relation

M3, out of the box, migrates 2E entities with a single “Qualified by” relation. There are additional manual steps that have to be applied to each “Qualified by” Entity and RTVOBJ functions that:

  1. Are scoped to 2E Retrieval index views, and
  2. Have all keys restricted.

In addition, there are steps when the Qualified by relation is “*previous”

Qualified by Entities

The Qualified by Entity has an additional view defined “Qlf Retrieval index” with a scoped RTVOBJ function. That view needs to have verified and updated if necessary to have the same relations as the default 2E migrated RTV Access Path. When there is more than one 2E Retrival:

For Each additional 2E RTV Access Path

  1. Create a new Entity view, inheriting from the “Qlf Retrieval index” view of the entity
  2. Verify and update if necessary to have the same relations as the corresponding 2E migrated RTV Access Path

For each RTVOBJ Function with all keys restricted and scoped to a 2E Retrieval index

  1. Re-scope the function to the corresponding “Qlf Retrieval index” by dragging in the Object Browser
  2. Change the inheritance from the original view scoped “RetrieveObject” to the new view scoped “RetrieveObject”

Qualified by *previous

For each “Qlf Retrieval index” view

EXPLICITLY, Set the “seeks previous” attribute collates to descending

  • The collating sequence will report descending but if the collates continuation triple is not explicitly added, the select statement will not generate with the qualified by attribute as descending. This is Plex 7.1 Fix 002 observed behavior.
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