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Key Data Restriction


This requirement is for the ability to restrict children records by parent for implementation on drill-down navigation.

For this example we will use the entity OrderProcessing.Order to inherit from DrillDownParent:

OrderProcessing.Order is a ENT Ability.DrillDownParent.

Now we dfined the inheritance for the DrillDown ability on the Child that is Order Detail:

OrderProcessing.OrderDetail is a ENT Ability.DrillDownChild.

Generate Changes.

On the test Model there is a offline tablette build list that contains all the template generation functions for all the entities of the application. Generate it:

After generating the offline tablette build list, the generate Gestion Tablette Offline Server list:

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Now go to eclipse.

To import all the generated functions, right click and refresh the java project:

Then run the Application Generator:

When the application is up and running:

  1. Click in Application Settings and then click in apply.

  2. Click on Application Template, select Gen Folder, and Generate Application. Wait for the message that all was generated successfully:

Now right click and refresh the web project:

Run tomcat server:

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Test Changes

From the menu select 'Order', select a row, then from the form press the Order Detail button. The Order Details select a row should be restricted by Order number.

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