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Preparing Source Code for Scanning

In order to scan source code into repository, the source code must be collected into a subdirectory under the scanning directory on the scanning server. In addition, a manifest file must be created in order to describe the source code.

The subdirectory under which the source code is placed may have any name, but it must appear immediately under scanning directory that is specified in the configuration. All source code which should be scanned in a single batch should be placed under this subdirectory. If the source code is available in a native mainframe format (EBCDIC with fixed line lengths), it is recommended to scan it in that format.

The manifest file may be a standard properties file, called, that is recognized by the source code scanner itself and is described below. Alternatively, it may be a custom manifest file that is loaded and parsed by a plugin (see CM Meta Analytics Plugins for more information.)


After all source files have been loaded into the subdirectory, the next step is to create a properties file called in the subdirectory. The format of is as follows:

If the files are encoding in mainframe EBCDIC with fixed 80-column lines, then the property SSI.ALL.encoding should be set to CP-037+R80. Otherwise, it should be set to the Java name of the character set that is in use.

Note: When generating from an external process, ensure that it is created after all source code files have been transferred to the scanning server.

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Preparing the Work Tables

The work tables on the server should be cleared before starting the scanner. The scanner will use work units that begin with the prefix CS. These can be cleared using the following DB2 statements:


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