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How to Customize CM WebClient StyleSheet

  1. Create a new folder named css in your web project under WebContent.

  2. Create a new css file named mystyle.css inside the newly created folder.

    body{ background-color: black;}

  3. Create a new java project named customTemplate in your workspace.

  4. Add customTemplate project to your java project build path.
    Right-click on your java project → Select Properties → Select Java Build Path → Open Projects tab → Click Add... button → Check customTemplate project → Click OK.

  5. Create a new folder named META-INF under customTemplate/src folder

  6. Create a new file in META-INF folder named MANIFEST.MF.

    MANIFEST.MF should contain the following. Web-Library-Id: com.mycompanyname.myprojectname

    Note: Make sure there is a new line after Web-Library-Id: com.mycompanyname.myprojectname

  7. Create a new file named customCSS-page.wcli under customTemplate/src folder.
    customCSS-page.wcli should contain the following.
    @import "/(!WsRes)/css/mystyle.css";

  8. Open and add the following property. = /
    for example: = /wxpcourse60web

  9. Create a function in your Plex model.
    customCSS is a FNC WEBCLIENT/~WebUI
    customCSS impl name customCSS

    Your function that needs to have custom style sheet should inherit from customCSS triple in the order like below.
    MyFunction is a FNC WEBCLIENT/~WebShell
    MyFunction is a FNC customCSS

  10. Generate and build your function and you should see that the screen background color is in black

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