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CM WebClient is an extension to the CA Plex (Plex) development environment. It allows CA Plex-developed Java GUI applications to be deployed as web applications with minimal modifications.

In order to use CM WebClient to deploy an application, you must:

  • Have an application that is configured for and operational as a Plex Java client application

  • Have a Java EE-compliant web application server

  • Build and deploy the Plex Java Client application using the Eclipse development environment

CM WebClient consists of two principal components:

  • A template generator which runs during the generate and build process. For each Plex GUI panel, a file is generated which contains the HTML and JavaScript code needed to display the panel as a web page. The generated templates can be customized to alter the look and feel, implement new controls, and provide additional functionality to the panels.

  • A servlet that is loaded into the Java EE application server at runtime. The servlet loads the Plex-generated Java application's class files and allows them to communication to and from the web user using the generated templates.

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Current Limitations

CM WebClient is currently not able to produce a web version of every Plex Java function. There are limitations related to the web environment that may require re- engineering of certain features. In order for CM WebClient to work, your application must:

  • Not attempt to interact directly with the local file system or computer.

  • Not use Java beans or ActiveX controls unless they have been adapted with a custom WebClient template. (See Bean controls for more information.)

  • Be generated using using a supported version of CA Plex (currently 6.1 and 7.0).

  • Only use panels of a supported type (currently Dialog, Child Panel, and Top Application).

  • Note that Top Application type has a limited support. It can function as a child in a child site.

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Using the Live Installer

If you do not already have an Eclipse environment, you may want to use the WebClient Live Installer to get set up. The Live Installer will install Eclipse, an instance of the Jetty application server, an instance of the Derby embedded SQL database, and a sample model and workspace. This is only recommended for test drive/demonstration purposes as some features of Eclipse like software installation are not available.

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