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Servlet 3.0 Template Resource Deployment


CM WebClient now makes it easier to deploy your static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files along with your templates. This is done by following the Java EE Servlet 3.0 specification. This method of deployment is supported even if your web container does not support Servlet 3.0.

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Web Library ID

CM WebClient defines an identifier known as a web library ID. This is a string value that differentiates the static resources belonging to different modules within the workspace.

In this configuration, page templates and control templates should be located in the src folder of a Java project, and static resources should be located in the META-INF/resources folder of the project.

Additionally, the library ID should be set in the file META-INF/MANIFEST.MF: Web-Library-Id:

The package name can be any valid, unique name.
Now, the /(!WsRes) template command in the template files will refer to a directory

that contains the contents of the META-INF/resources folder at run-time.

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