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Plex Model Configuration


In order for Plex Java functions to work with CM WebClient, each panel function must inherit from a WebClient base function. This function is called ~WebShell and it is located in the WebClient group model. This section explains how to set up CA Plex local model to work with the WebClient pattern libraries. This document applies to CA Plex version 6.1 and above.

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The actions described in this document must be performed the first time you use the WebClient patterns in CA Plex models.

The first thing to do is to add WebClient group model to the host group model of your application. This action is performed once per group model in the same way as adding any other library models to a host model. The Web Client library may be added during creation of a group model together with the CA Plex Pattern libraries and other library models needed by the model, or they can be added to an existing CA Plex group model.

Once WebClient library is added to the group model and a local model has been defined, the objects in WebClient library models must be extracted to the local model.

All Plex functions with panel should inherit from WEBCLIENT/~WebShell before generation. The FNC is ~WebShell should be the first triple in the pattern inheritance.

CM WebClient can only support the Dialog and Child Panel window types. For TabStrip and FrameProperty, if the function has FNC is ACTIVE/TabStrip, the function should inherit from FNC is WEBCLIENT/~TabStrip directly. If the function has FNC is UISTYLE/FrameProperty, the function should inherit from FNC is WEBCLIENT/~FrameProperty directly.

To display web messages in web page, a Plex function should inherit from WebMessages (which should inherit from ~WebUI). WebMessages is a predefined page template that can serve as an example for your own page templates that display messages.

For example: XXX is a FNC WebMessages

WebMessages is a WEBCLIENT/~WebUI

WebMessages impl name NME WebMessages

In the inheritance path for a WebClient function, the root template(WebShell) must precede page templates(WebMessages) for WebMessages to work. The Plex function should have triple inheritance path in the following order.

For example: XXX is a FNC WEBCLIENT/~WebShell

XXX is a FNC WebMessages

To enable exporting grid records in a csv format, a Plex function should inherit from WebExportGrid.

For example: XXX is a FNC WebExportGrid

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Plex v6.1/Plex v7.0 Model Configuration

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