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TrafficCam Overview


This installation contains everything a Plex developer needs to try out the WebClient workshop.  The workshop files include the Eclipse IDE, Java run-time, Tomcat Server, Derby Database, Android Development Tools, Cordova platform, Plex models, and CM First's WebClient with mobile templates.

The Workshop will walk you through the process of creating a mobile and web application with WebClient and Plex, and packaging it so that it can be deployed to a virtual or actual Android device.

The application we will develop allows us to access a number of real-time traffic cameras.


  • CA Plex v6.1, v7.0, v7.1
  • 2GB free disk space on C: drive
  • Google Chrome Browser

Download Workshop Materials

Instructions for Installation

Video Walkthroughs

TrafficCam for Mobile

Continue to the Mobile Workshop

TrafficCam for Web

Continue to the Web Workshop

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