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What's New in WebClient 1.8.3?

  • Advanced Controls templates (WebTreeView.ctrl and WebFlexGrid.ctrl) are merged with WebClient i+. 
  • DojoTimePicker.ctrl adds time picker to an existing text input if specified in the control name. Time input element must be in the ISO-8601 format (Thh:mm:ss).
  • GridFilterCell.ctrl generates the column events for each column in the grid.
  • WebAccordionTree.ctrl builds accordion menu and tree menu at the same time.
  • WebFilteringSelect.ctrl is very similar to WebCombo.ctrl. WebFilteringSelect.ctrl enables the developer to specify the total character entered before displaying the auto-suggest. The grid will then be filtered based on what is entered in the combo box.
  • WebGridExport.ctrl enables user to export grid results in csv format. A new WebGridExport pattern is added to WebClient group model.
  • WebGridFilter.ctrl dynamically loads grid columns in a combo box field for client-side grid filtering.
  • WebSlider.ctrl builds a scale with a handle that users can drag left and right to select a value.
  • WebProgress.ctrl gives a dynamic feedback on the progress of a long-running operation.
  • WebPortlet-root.html, WebPortlet-root.json, WebPortlet-root.wcli. WebClient can be run inside a portlet container.
  • New WebClient claro theme can be used by specifying WebClient theme in
  • Limited preview support for MDI and top application is added.
  • The built-in system templates and Dojo Javascript toolkit have been updated to include cross-browser compatibility for Chrome,Firefox 9+, IE 8+, and Safari 5+. 
  • WebClient GroupModels are not  licensed. WebClient licensing will only be based on workstation.
  • ColumnToggling enables user to hide, show, and move columns in a grid.
  • Includes full support of spin and listbox control.
  • Includes WebLogMessages-page.wcli to display all type of Plex messages on the web page.
  • Works with Plex 7.0.
  • Click here to find out about CM WebClient’s Browser Support
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