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cmMetaAnalytics 0.84 [7034] Release Notes and Download

cmMetaAnalytics 0.84 [7034] - Release Notes


Fixed issues:

1654     Incorrect Work Unit Number Assignment for Work Table Import Alexandre Salomon Jun 27 Problem High
1381     Update error flag problem - Automation EMATS Scan Failure Alexandre Salomon Feb 14 Problem High
1656     Copybook Handling Changes Alexandre Salomon Jun 27 Problem Normal
1649     COBOL Scan Failure on Fields in a COPY REPLACING Statement Dave Riesett Jun 25 Normal Jul 15


Known unresolved issues:

1388     Slow Scanner Performance Alexandre Salomon Feb 21 Normal Jul 11
 1491     Incorrect File Name Scanning COBOL Dave Riesett Apr 18 Normal Jun 27
1663     Automation plugin outputs the xml files twice Alexandre Salomon Jul 02 Problem Normal
1660     Unable to Re-Run Work Unit Import Job Alexandre Salomon Jun 28 Problem High

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cmMetaAnalytics-0.84_7034-dev.exe Download
Size: 248.9 MB    Content will be available for download until July 29, 2013 20:06 PDT
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