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How to implement the WebClientMultisession Servlet

By default WebClient can only maintain one WebClient session for the same browser, this causes that even if you open your WebClient application in multiple tabs, all of those tabs will share the same information, to change this you can use the WebClientMultiSession servlet that allow you create a different WebClient session for each tab you open in your browser.


  • Only one Servlete can be running in the applicacion if you add the WebClientMultiSession please remove the WebClient servlet
  • Make sure your Web.xml Servlet-Mappinf URL-pattern is the same as in your


to implement this servlet just follow these steps:

  • In Eclipse, right click over your web project and select New->Servlet


  • From the “Create Servlet” window, mark the “Use an existing Servlet class or JSP” checkbox, then use the browse button to select the WebClientMultiSessionServlet servlet and click on the “Finish” button.




  • Open your file and change the value for the Define.WSACTION entry to the following value “WSACTION=/<YOUR WEB PROJECT>/ WebClientMultiSessionServlet”, example:
    • Original
  •          Define.WSACTION=/TestWeb/WebClientServlet

    • Modified


  • Test your application, remember that your URL must point to the WebClientMultiSession servlet instead of the default WebClient servlet



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