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How to implement frozen columns in a grid

The Frozen Columns features allows you to specify which grid columns can be locked in place while the rest of the grid can be scrolled.  This makes it easier to track a particular row in grids that have a lot of fields.  

In the image below, the 2 columns on the left are frozen while the horizontal scrollbar only applies to the columns on the right.


Plex supplies this feature with WinC-generated grids with the 'Frozen Columns' property, but in Java client it isn't supported, so WebClient cannot retrieve this property.  To get around this, we can use the 'frozenColumns' control name parameter.



This specifies that the left 2 columns will be frozen.  If the value is set to 0, or if the parameter is not specified at all, the grid will act as a normal grid where all columns scroll together.

If your grid supports column re-positioning by dragging and dropping the headers, it will not allow you to drag a non-frozen column to the frozen column area and vice-versa.

One limitation is that frozen columns cannot currently be used with entry grids that have a fixed entry row at the top.


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